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exhibition hall.jpg

With President Yokota at the Hong Kong exhibition hall


Hong Kong exhibition venue

Venue 2.jpg
Venue 3.jpg

President Yokota and Kaiser Bakery President Hwang in front of our booth

Hong Kong exhibition venue

In front of the office.jpg
President Chen family.jpg

President Hwang and President Yokota in front of Kaiser Bakery Co., Ltd. in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

Dinner with President Chen and his family during business negotiations in Shenzhen

Panoramic view of the factory.jpg

Panoramic view of Takezono Village factory



From July 7th to July 9th, store opening and factory construction negotiations were held at Xi'an "Takezono Village".


nightless castle.jpg

Takezono Village Factory, President Yokota and President Huang


Meeting with the on-site person in charge

nightless castle

Takezono Village Main Store.jpg

A scene in Xi'an city

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Hokkaido danish donut-removebg-preview.png

Donut & Danish



We guided President Zhou and Vice President Yang of Chikuzono Village, Xi'an, to a donut shop open for a limited time at our Sapporo factory and atre in Ebisu Station, Tokyo.



As of 2023.06.06

June 1, 2023 ~ Location: China business negotiation information

Business meeting place: Mr. Onkimura, Hong Kong
Business meeting location: Shenzhen DECON
Business meeting location: Shenzhen Chinese-style cafe development, President Chen
Business meeting place: Xi'an Takezono Village Company
[Business negotiation summary]
① Donut store development, etc.
② Japanese bakery products, etc.
③ Donut shop development, etc.
④ Donut shop development, etc.


Shenzhen, President Huang, President Chen, President Yokota.jpg
Shenzhen/In front of the hotel.jpg
No title.jpg

2023.06.01 In front of the hotel in Shenzhen city

2023.06.01 Shenzhen City, President Yokota, President Huang, President Chen


2023.06.01 Shenzhen City, President Yokota, Shibata, President Son, President Chen and their children

With Takezono village officials.jpg
Takezono village head office model.jpg

2023.06.02 In front of DECON, Shenzhen City, with President Linda Lee

2023.06.03Xian Zhuyuan Village Head Office

2023.06.03Xian/Zhuyuan Village Head Office Diorama

2023.06.03Xian Zhuyuan Village Head Office

No title.jpg

June 2023 Special event store information

Screenshot 2023-05-22 120759.png

June 2023


As of 2023.05.05

Tokyu Kamata Station store/store view

No title.png
No title.png

2April/May 2023 Special event store information

No title.png

May 2023

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