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Wholesale and export of frozen bread dough and frozen doughnut dough Promised Land Co.

Soft and subtle sweet aroma!   Fluffy and glutinous

Cooperation Introduction
Malasada Donut Kitchen Car

Frozen bread & Doughnut 
made in Japan

Bread and doughnuts that bring a smile to your face once you try them
High-quality bread and doughnuts made with “100% Hokkaido flour and 100% Hokkaido milk” dough, using only Hokkaido ingredients and not a drop of water.

Please enjoy the genuine sticky texture that combines the advantages of the best quality wheat and milk.

Freshly friedon the spot!


Malasada Donut

Moving car「Meg's Kitchen」

Meg’sKichen  Car

- Harima Supply, a Japanese-style frozen bread business, 100% Hokkaido milk frozen bread
Japanese style frozen bag NewBisines  New business   Novelty  OEM  Manufacturer  Lesson dog for trimming  Brand bag

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