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Introduction of bakery stores

We will introduce you to small to medium-sized donut or bakery stores.
We would like to provide advice, suggestions, and other support to those considering opening a business.


3-5 tsubo/small store

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This is a model store proposal for small-scale, single-product store development.
Using pre-fermented frozen bread dough made in Japan, we offer freshly baked and fried bread while preserving its aroma.
Moist, fluffy, and chewy donuts and breads can be produced by part-time workers in small-scale stores, allowing for a small investment and a quick return.
We will support those who are starting a business.
This is especially recommended for those who can open a business in a suitable location such as a tourist area or SA.


Medium-sized store of 20-30 tsubo, full bakery offering 100 types

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This is an example of a store directly managed by the manufacturer.
The store has an area of 21 tsubo, of which 8 tsubo is the sales area.
Ideally, we would have another 1 tsubo of space as a backyard, but since we can sell more than 100 types of bread, we have the ability to attract customers to the store, so even if there is little foot traffic in the area where we open, we will not have any problems with business operations.
In this case, it would be ideal to have one person with experience in bread making.


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