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Products for sale:​Donut Danish made with 100% Hokkaido milk

Our mellow and flavorful donuts and danishes, made with plenty of fresh, rich 100% Hokkaido milk, attract customers at each event location.
The taste is worth lining up for, and once you taste it, you'll definitely be hooked. Please enjoy the exquisite sweets created by the fusion of quality ingredients and technology.


company store


     Introduction of Laughmina Doughnut Pop-up Shops
Laughmina Doughnut pop-up stores are always a big hit, and we are always opening new stores in JR stations and other locations in the Kanto area.
          (Click on the video to freeze the video)


Proposed store drawings and cost estimates

No title.png

The following are reference equipment and related expenses when opening a donut shop.
Please use this as a reference when considering. (The equipment price is​All prices are for new purchases)
​Also, if you contact us, we will make a proposal based on the current situation.


◎Store management type  

 Donuts are delivered after being semi-baked at the manufacturer, then post-processed in-store, and freshly fried donuts are sold.


◎Estimated number of Nissan products

1,500 pieces of dough can be stocked in two freezer stockers. 1500 pieces/day possible with 2 fryers



 ASink + dishwashing area

 BFreezer stocker

 COil rig             


 ELarge frozen stocker  

 FWorkbench with casters

 GUpper part/product display tray (lower part/refrigerated stocker)                             



◎Estimated cost for each equipment (new model)

 BFrozen stocker                  

  ⇒80,000 yen x 1                       

 ELarge frozen stocker

  ⇒100,000 yen                       


  ⇒130,000 yen                        

 GUpper part/product display tray (lower part/refrigerated stocker) 

  ⇒150,000 yen                       


  ⇒400,000 yen400,000 yen                       

 ASink + dishwashing area      

  ⇒10,000 yen                         

・Set of packaging materials         

  ⇒200,000 yen                       

・Furnishings, electricity, interior, signboards, etc.  

  ⇒2,100,000 yen          

     Total 3,170,000 yen


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