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​Trial order

To place an order, please contact us via Contact Us with the product number of each product. We will contact you shortly.

Red melon juice bread

Product 001 Red melon juice bread (finished product after baking)

Popular product made with Hokkaido melon juice

High quality melon bread kneaded with red melon juice from Hokkaido!
The main ingredient is a rare brand of wheat called "Haruyo Koi" from Hokkaido, sugar is made from "Tenna" grown only in Hokkaido, and the dough is made from "100% Hokkaido milk" instead of water.

Frozen dough size: Width 90~100mm・Height 50-60mm ・Weight 95-100g (including 30g leather fabric)

Reference market price: 380-450 yen (excluding tax)

Trial product price: 270 yen x 50 units = 13,500 yen (excluding tax)
​ Shipping (Kanto): Frozen delivery 1,670 yen (excluding tax) Areas outside the Kanto area will be contacted separately.

25 pieces/CS 2/50 pieces (tied with string) Minimum lot condition Use transparent bag

Melon bun dough.png
Melon bread molding.png

Product 002 Frozen red melon juice dough (unfermented tama dough)

Popular product made with Hokkaido melon juice

This product is a set of leather fabric + 2 pieces of egg fabric.

Trial product price: 165 yen x 300 sets = 44,500 yen (tax excluded, shipping included)
​Shipping (Kanto): Areas outside of Kanto will be answered separately.

300 leather fabrics/box x 1, body tama fabric 150 pieces/box x 2 = 3 boxes in total

Product 003 Hokkaido 100% milk kneaded dough


Made with 100% Hokkaido milk*Water is not used

Dough kneaded with ingredients originating in Hokkaido
Characterized by a slightly sweet aroma when freshly baked and a "fluffy and glutinous" texture.
High quality "pre-frozen dough" for commercial use

Trial price: 15,300 yen (excluding tax and including shipping)
Shipping cost (Kanto area): 1,670 yen (excluding tax) for frozen delivery.

​12kg (240 pieces of 50g bread)/1 box

Harima Supply, a Japanese-style frozen bread business

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